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Imagio's management solutions core mission is to deliver business, risk, financial, organization, technology and process-related advisory services. We understand strategy as a science used by leaders to solve problems. Business-wise, this engineering takes the form of an appropriate and intelligible corporate vision that clearly defines the paths chosen by each organization to maximize the expectations of its clients, employees and shareholders. This vision must be properly implemented from the tactical and operational standpoint so that it influences the company’s day-to-day work. Due to growing volatility in the business environment, strategy requires great clarity, coupled with highly specific practical solutions and a great deal of flexibility. “First level” definitions must be complemented by specific action plans focused on each company’s specific possibilities and circumstances. At Imagio, we understand that four essential facets of any tactical redesign are specificity, practicality, clarity and flexibility.

Imagio works together with companies’ top management to formulate alternatives, refine ideas, and quantify solutions. We are highly skilled in understanding businesses in their context—understanding markets and their trends—and using specific knowledge of each company, its markets and the various market principals to ensure the right approach to the short- and medium-term challenges and goals set. .

global logistics

Imagio collaborates with prominent, as well as regional, logistics companies to arrange land, air and ocean transportation; warehousing and distribution, and customs services. We expect to attain the highest level of excellence from our engineered unions. This synergy provides integrated services that international shippers can trust to enhance their supply chains processes. We offer the provision of air transportation, ocean transportation, warehousing, distribution and customs services worldwide. But our capabilities extend beyond pure transportation and distribution. Imagio's approach provides innovative logistics solutions and information technology systems that allow you to reach through time and space to effectively manage your shipments.

Global Scope. Local Support. State-of-the-Art Logistics Technology. Imagio creates partnerships to move cargo, manage information and make connections around the world. Imagio is in the business of helping other businesses efficiently and dependably source, develop, and deliver an amazing array of products to the worldwide marketplace. Though our scope is global, our focus is concentrated. Our core competence is securing comprehensive 3PL (third-party logistics) solutions, supported by a non-asset based strategy that enables us to assure space availability, provide flexible cargo management, adapt to dynamic market conditions, and consistently offer highly competitive rates.

procurement solutions

Today's global economy prescribes that organizations implement savvy processes to establish a competitive edge. Those break-through companies promote innovation within their procurement and supply chain units as a means to remain sustainable. Chief procurement officers, and supply chain executives alike, understand that aspects of their organizations, such as strategic sourcing, supply relationships, market intelligence, technology and analytics, play a critical role in their success. The challenge materializes in acquiring and utilizing best-practices required to dispense consistent results and execute an effective, aggregate approach.

From time to time, companies find themselves in a position where they must quickly identify and implement strategies to rapidly reduce cost. Imagio has an array of proven procurement and sourcing solutions that specifically addresses this need. These solutions start by providing more visibility into an organization's procurement spend processes, and then progress to the development of strategies (policy changes, demand management, compliance management, sourcing, etc.) which can be quickly implemented to maximize near term savings.

Acquisition and access to accurate and current market information, as well as intellectual capital, is pivotal to companies' vitality. Subject matter experts (SMEs) populate information and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders. Generated content is collected, stored and disseminated to decrease cycle times and maximize leverage. Our solutions address this imperative.

More companies are enhancing their capabilities to pro-actively develop and execute data-driven plans, measure and manage performance and results, anticipate and plan for risks and accurately and credibly report results in a timely fashion. These objectives can be accomplished with an array of our offerings.

Streamlining their process allows companies to be more efficient and effective. Solutions that address how procurement and supply chain processes can be optimized, deployed and adopted throughout the enterprise are part of our portfolio.

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